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 Some rules

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PostSubject: Some rules   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:05 pm

You are never allowed to Complain admin staff on complaint forum it can lead to punishment.

if you have any problem with admin report to Frank_Martin/Ceaser_Rodigues

your never allowed to ask for Refund if your already refunded if admin missed a refund dont blame /report admin [name] you missed my 1m for (example) .

do never abuse in /report or in /newb it can lead to mute dont ex /report admin come you need give reason or it will be called abuse it can lead to mute you need tell the staff what you whant.

never ask Staff for money/house (Refund is only way) none can get refunded two times.

Max refund is (1000000$/2000 Material's/20 pot/20 crack/House/level 3/Bronze vip)

if admin added more /report if any admin notice you just started and you have more than max refund they will take it away.

Never talk to admin trough /report or /newb or any member you can either call or sms or meet them rimember /ad is not for talking to somone or joining faction/gang if you wanna join faction/gang roleplay with the leader or applay on forum.

Faction/gang leader's must be ic 90% or more they must roleplay thier steps never applay if your not ready members need to know how to rp 100% to join faction/gang.

if admin give's you money for nothing dont accept that money admin's arent allowed to give away stuff's without following rules none admin are allowed to give money to member more than the refund aswell or buying stuff of the member.
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Some rules
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