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 SFPD Format

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PostSubject: SFPD Format   Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:57 am

IC Information

Name :

Date of Birth :

Current employment :

You have any Criminal Record (Yes/No) If yes which? :

Why you want to be employed ? :

Your Phone Number (InGame) :

Biography (Min.200 words) :

OOC Information

Name :

How old are you? :

Post SS of your IG Stats :

Timezone :

How hours daily you play? :

Any LSPD Experience ? :

Do you accept rules ? :

1. You can only shoot at the suspect if they haven't stopped after 3 warnings, or if they are pointing a gun, or attacking someone, either civilian or officer.

2. Suspects that require a search after they have been spotted with illegal items (drugs, guns etc) must be frisked at LSPD Headquarters.

3. Suspects to be arrested, must be handcuffed AND then told their rights and why they were arrested.

4. If a suspect resists arrest, spray them with the pepper spray(spray paint) once, and then proceed to handcuff them. If they resist further, use your baton, bring the suspect down, and proceed to handcuffing them. If you do not follow this procedure, and instead resort to using your guns, you will be questioned by the Commander, and put on probation.

5. Only prosecute someone if they have committed a major crime, such as theft, murder, assault, harboring illegal items etc. Fines can only be given out for traffic offenses.

6. You must be a United Roleplay member to join. This is a strict requirement. If you are not a United Roleplay member, you cannot become a police officer.

7. Always talk in an RP manner, greet suspects, and explain why you have pulled them over, or arrested them. NEVER insult suspects, or talk in a non-roleplay manner.

8. If met with abuse, such as verbal, never go down to their level, keep a professional head. Always ignore verbal abusers, but never physical abusers.

9. The radio is for professional use only, it is not a microphone, or a toy, it must be used professionally.

10. You may not take armor from the SWAT van, unless told to do so by a senior officer.

11. You may not take an RPG out or the armoury with permission from a senior officer.


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SFPD Format
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