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 Government Application Format

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Excecutive Admin

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PostSubject: Government Application Format   Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:59 am

(( IC Information ))






Any Past Jobs Or Organization?:

Tell me about your self:

Bioghraphy:(Atleast make 200 words)

Have you commited a crime?

If you did Tell it here:

Have you been arrested?: How many times?(Dont iclude Admin jail)

Why do you wanna join Government?:

what can you do for the Government?:

What can you bring for the Government?:

Will you Promise to not break the Rules?:

Have you read the Government Hand Book?:(Not yet maded)

((OOC INformation))


Tell me About Meanings and What does it mean

DM -
MG -
PG -
IC -
CR -
CR - (Again there is another meaning)
PK -
CS -
QS -
SA -
MF -
RK -
RT -

Last for not least

Have you read the rules?:
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Government Application Format
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