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 Training and Recruit

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PostSubject: Training and Recruit   Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:14 am

Welcome to the National Guard recruitment office.

The requirements of the National Guard are as follows:

You need to be able to communicate in English of a high standard (( IC and OOC))
You need to have lived in San Andreas for at least 4 years ((Level 4))
You must be currently living inside the borders of San Andreas and not Tierra Robada

Once you feel you meet all of these requirements feel free to take a form and fill it in. If you are unsure of where to find a copy of the application form, they can be found here:

Once you have filled in your application form and submitted it to the recruitment office, you would go to your local recruitment office and work with a recruiter to help you in your process of joining the National Guard.

Welcome new recruits, have a seat and read over your training schedules.


Working With A Recruiter

When you sit down with a Recruiter, he or she will make it easy to find out if the National Guard is right for you. Together with your Recruiter, you'll find the best way to serve, and choose the job that complements your abilities and future goals whether it should be the Air National Guard, the Infantry division, or the Armored Division. The recruiter will recommend the best job that suites your skills and intelligence. Once the interview is over the recruiter will tell you whether or not the National Guard is right for you, if the National Guard is right for you, you will be given a time and date where you are expected to be to start your career as a National Guardsmen.

Basic Combat Training
On arrival to Fort Demorgan you enter the first out of three phases in becoming a soldier.

Phase 1 - Red


The National Guard makes sure every recruit is physically and mentally prepared to start Basic Training. Upon determining this, recruits are given a haircut, issued Army uniforms, given a tour of Fort Demorgan and the USS Nimitz, given shoulder insignia ((TS tags)), military IDs and are ready to start training.

Red Phase Schedule:

* Recruits arrive for general orientation and are given haircuts and issued National Guard uniforms.
* Basic Tactical training begins followed by Radio and Field Terminology Courses, Defense stances training and the mile high run.
* Recruits learn about National Guard Standard Operating Guidelines and the Seven Army Core Values
* Recruits undergo the Army Physical Fitness Test to help determine their physical aptitude. This test is routinely administered to Soldiers throughout their enlistment periods to ensure their top physical condition

Phase 2 - White


Recruits go through Marksmanship and combat training and learn to march on the parade grounds. This training teaches vital Soldier skills and instills them with more discipline


* Tactical Foot March, Basic Rifle Marksmanship
* Convoy training and Field Terminology courses
* Field Training Exercises, Vehicle Formations and the Tactical Foot March

Phase 3 - Blue


Soldiers will become familiar with the use of automatic weapons and hand grenades in National Guard Weapons training, recruits put their training to the test as they complete the Pathfinder exercise, the Night Infiltration Course and the Breaching exercise. After passing all their tests and challenges, they are given the rest of the day off in preparation of the Graduation ceremony.


* Weapons Training (M107A1), (Hand Grenades), (SPAS-12), (L83A1), (M16A1)
* Field Training Exercise and Convoy training
* Evaluated Tactical Foot March



Basic Combat Training has pushed the recruits' minds and bodies to new limits, giving them a deeper respect for themselves and those around them. And now, the time has come to celebrate their efforts and the strength they've gained. A day on the parade grounds where you are promoted into a soldier among your peers.
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Training and Recruit
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