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 Here is info about roleplaying and its rules. (Not server/script rules)

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PostSubject: Here is info about roleplaying and its rules. (Not server/script rules)   Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:58 am

I will strongly advise you to write them down
You will find that roleplaying is much more fun when you can the rules!

IC = In Character. That's what you say in the normal chat, simply by pressing T. Then write what you say directly to the other role-player when you role play together. Example: "Hey, man. You need a ride?"

OOC = Out Of Character. That's what happens in the real world, such as at home, or things about the server, or script, or how you should do something. Example "Hey, admin in need some help, how Can I level up?" Or "BRB, toilet" Here you must add (()) (bracklets) two pieces on the end, to signify that it is OOC-Also use /b to add them automatically in normal chat

Before I go further I take a little easy on the difference between the two. OOC and IC.

Note the words Out, (Out of Character) and In (In Charcter)

IC Is when you role play, and OOC will be in the outside world, in the real world, about things you should / do there, and questions related to the server or the script.
For example that you need to go to the toilet or such.

Then I'll go further ...

RP = role play, it's saying it all it self, isnt it? Role Play, "Roleplaying." - To roleplay another Character / Person.

If you are going to define `what is RP` to someone, you may say, that it is to roleplay a person, and be clear about the features of the person you are roleplaying, often for what faction you are in. For example, health personel, police, soldier in the military, agent, or persons as gangsters, business people, mafia, or just a normal citizen etc. It is only your imagination limits what you can roleplay, for example, you could rolespele a farmer, it finnest the farmer both skins and tractors!

There was a lot of role play "RP - Role Play" But it is simply "Roleplay. Two Role Play a character."

MG - MG is a very IMPORTANT rule, and it is one of the most commons rules to Be Broken.

MG is Meta Gaming

Meta Gaming Means if you mix the OOC and the IC rules.
Meta Gaming is mixing OOC with IC, for example, write How to Get on duty, to a player without using the /b for (())
Or conversely "Good work, Soldiers" in the /b when you mean it through the IC roleplaying sentting.

BUT - there is also a kind of meta-gaming!
That is if you say the name of someone that you really do not know.

yes, you think "But, the name is above the player, so how comes i cant say his name before I`ve met him IC`ly, trough roleplay?

But you have to ask theplayer what he`s name is. (Here if you happen to be a LEO`some people may lie to you, but then you can ask for their licenses, and let them choose, are their name correct, or are their licenses fake or stolen!

An example of breaking this rule is for example see that someone shooting at an innocent, and then say right on the radio "Mike_Hill" is shooting some people! "Unless you really know that he`s name is Mike Hill, because you havent met him or talked with him before.
Also, if you get killed by, for example by Mikkey_Timmers - You do not know what happened in the last 30 minutes, and why you got killed, also you dont know who did it.
If you would rather not have met him before, you can not even talk about him to another player.
But - You can describe he`s clothes and such.

PG = Is power gaming, simple said as "To force someone to roleplay the way you want, without him / her actually wanting to do it, in a unfair situation." It is forcing anyone to roleplay for your own benefit. It is actually your own responsibility to roleplay fair, and not PG (power game) The other roleplayer should not be in need of telling you that you are powergaming.


To pretend that you have powers that you do not have, example, i am a mafia boss wich makes me much stronger than you, or something as /me is Superman. Alltrough those rules among powergaming is changing from server to server, but to roleplay fair, is always best, and most fun!

DM = Death Match, to kill someone without a roleplaying reason, or without to rolepaly the murder itself properly..

For example that you dont take out the gun and roleplay it, such as /me takes out his deagle from his left side of his duty belt

/me aims that the suspect (and so on..)

Also the KOS - Kill on Sight `` Rule.

I'm not quite sure, but I think it's "Kill On Sight" To kill someone immediately the moment you got a eye on them / him, and got him spotted,-- or steal someone else's "kill" if you understand. I do think only the first line is correct


Someone extras that are well worth knowing is RK = Revenge kill(ing), going back to kill someone Who Killed You "Go back and kill someone because they / he killed you is not allowed and you can not do either because you lose 30 min memory after you`ve died, no matter how, whether from a cliff or a weapon.

Also DB = Drive By = Shooting from a vehicle to other vehicle`s or people, from the vehicle`s window while someone is driving the car, using a handgun or Mp-5 or a uzi.

Also DDB = Driver Drive-by, NOT ALLOWED on any server I am very sure. it is that the driver drives by and shoots out the window holding the Q and E while using a hand gun or a fully automatic gun. Then an increase in sight and crosshair will be zoomed, and sharper- And i assume that you dont even have to reload, that is very unfair.

It is of course not allowed to make a "Car Park" So put your car over a player, so he did not come up and die, or run over a player again, so that he dies.

>>>> These are all rules that must be followed for the roleplay to be as good as possible!

Made by,


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Here is info about roleplaying and its rules. (Not server/script rules)
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